Introduction TuneTalk/ToneExcel Programme

Personal Benefits

When you're purchase a TuneTalk Simcard RM80 (airtime RM30) and top-up RM30 every month, you entitle to get EXTRAORDINARY personal benefits such as:-

  • RM100,000 Personal Accident Insurance powered by ETIQA.
  • TuneTalk Points - Redeem for AirAsia ticket.
  • Recurring Passive Income.
  • 20 Winners For Monthly Lucky Draw - RM200 each winner.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tune Talk Call Rates

As we all know, there're 6 TELCOs operated in Malaysia. We as a user need to make some consideration some factors before decide which TELCO want to use. So, Tune Talk offers a FLAT RATES for Call and SMS to all netwoks. For Call Rates is 32 cent/min, SMS Rates is 13 cent/min and INTERNET Rates is 10 cent/MB.

Tune Talk Points and Fly with AirAsia

How it Works:

Step 1: Every top up will earn you Tune Talk Points to be redeemed for AirAsia Flights or BIGGIES

Step 2: Check your accumulated points by dialing *133#

Step 3: Check the redemption table to find out where you can fly to.

Step 4: Call our friendly Customer Service at 13100 to redeem your free ticket once you've collected enough points

Tip: The more you top up, the more points you will accumulate and the best part – NO EXPIRATION!

Top Up Points

Just top up your mobile to get the luxury points. Accumulate all your points and redeem AirAsia Flight Ticket. 

Redemption Points

Tune Talk Points are automatically earned each time you top up your Tune Talk account. When you have enough points, you use them to redeem various AirAsia flights.

With Tune Talk Points you can go to anywhere you like. FREE AirAsia Flight Ticket.

Register ASAP at



Prepaid TuneTalk is the same from other companies. There are several advantages if you use a prepaid TuneTalk. If you use a prepaid TuneTalk, you CAN KEEP YOUR OLD NUMBER either 012, 019, 017, 013, 014 and others, without having to change to another number, or you can use the new numbers beginning with 010 **** ****.
2. The first time in Malaysia, if you use a prepaid TuneTalk, you will be covered with personal accident insurance issued by Maybank Etiqa of RM100, 000. Imagine only using your Tunetalk prepaid insurance will cover.
3. You can reload at any shop that sells prepaid nationwide (including Sabah and Sarawak), shops that have e-pay, 7Eleven, Maybank2u, CIMB click, e-banking EON Bank and RHB Bank, across the Petrol Station with e-pay. If using maybank2u select Select Top-Up with PN.
4. You can monitor your use of the system provided by Tunetalk. Maybe you want to provide telephone facilities to your child. You can monitor the calls made. The system also provides a convenience to you if you want to change the no. phone or add credit to the sim card.
5. You can also redeem points for AirAsia flights. This is because every time you top up, the ringgit is equal to 1 reward point.

6. The most important is ToneExcel TuneTalk has PROGRAM AFFILIATE / REFERRAL - where we can be their broker, online or offline, generating income through commissions they give, if we expand this TuneTalk prepaid. This is the biggest opportunity for us to grow with them and get some benefit from these programs.


Friday, 8 June 2012

How to Register TuneTalk Prepaid?

Make your handphone as a producer of money every month just like ATM Machine
The steps to join the program this ToneExcel

I propose to you to succeed in this program just follow steps 1 to 8 of this one by one, don't miss even a single step, because this way I have managed to at least get paid every month of RM5,000 in 1 year 8 months, and when it is all done without the help of this website, and no guidance from anyone. Now it has become easier because I have complete steps for you to follow the path provided. I believe that if you follow the steps below, you can generate at least RM5,000 in a year.

Step 1: Get SIMCARD TuneTalk / ToneExcel 

First of all, to participate in this program, you need to get simcard TuneTalk / ToneExcel first. To get the simcard, please send your inquiries with name, contact number, address to me at

Step 2: Activate SIMCARD on TuneTalk Line .

When you got simcard Tunetalk / toneexcel simcard, you need to enable simcard to be used to make calls, receive calls, text messages, surf the internet, blackberry, etc. To Activate simcard ersebut. CLICK HERE

Step 3: Port In or keep your old number.

(Optional) If you choose the (highly recommended) to keep your old number, CLICK HEREMake sure you have activated the first simcard in Step # 2.

Step 4: Registration in this ToneExcel program.

Registration in this ToneExcel program. After registering here, please wait in your email (about 4 hours) for you to get membership ID in ToneExcel.

Step 5: Get a Home Web Promotion.

Get Web promotions such Home so you can sponsor others. CLICK HERE

Step 6: Subscribe to get updates.

The most important part: To always get the latest updates on Tunetalk and toneexcel, make sure you provide your name and email in the form below to me is always to provide the information directly into your email. Many were left behind in this TuneTalk business because you forgot to fill in your name and email in the form below. By filling out the form below can also cause your downline mempu own and can move independently, without your help care for them.

Step 8: Project RM5000 in PA.

Here I share with you the ways to get RM5000 per month within a year. This rule because I made the formula and this way I get 5000 in a period of 1 year 8 months.Now with the help and tools, I'm sure you can get in one year only.

Hopefully this program can really help you solve your financial adding every month.Good luck.

Welcome to TuneTalk & Tone Excel Program

Dear All,

How we can get extra money of RM500, RM1, 000 or RM5, 000 per month just by working a few hours each day?

Here I would like to offer a great opportunity but do not make sense because it is too easy for us to generate extra income each month. To this day more than 120,000 Malaysians have already been participating in this program. Most of them are already enjoying the rewards. Some people can get paid tens of dollars, some raturan dollars, some even thousands of dollars to receive tens of thousands of dollars every month, every month I repeat to this day. It is not like most other Internet businesses. It does not require large capital, no risk, no you have to bear the burden.

Have you ever heard that only become mobile phone users you can get a good income, without changing the work you do now, without selling anything, but some have been hit five figure income every month?

Ever heard of a phone line that provides many advantages to its users? 

If not, here I would like to offer you to use online prepaid (Prepaid) TuneTalk ToneExcel program.

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