Introduction TuneTalk/ToneExcel Programme

Personal Benefits

When you're purchase a TuneTalk Simcard RM80 (airtime RM30) and top-up RM30 every month, you entitle to get EXTRAORDINARY personal benefits such as:-

  • RM100,000 Personal Accident Insurance powered by ETIQA.
  • TuneTalk Points - Redeem for AirAsia ticket.
  • Recurring Passive Income.
  • 20 Winners For Monthly Lucky Draw - RM200 each winner.


1) How to Check Balance?
Dial *133# then press your call button. You can also check your Tunetalk points the same way.
2) How to Top Up?
Buy a Tunetalk top up voucher. You can buy these vouchers from almost anywhere. 
Click here to see some of the places that you could buy the vouchers from. In the voucher you will find a 16 digit PIN number. To load the top up voucher, dial *122*16-DIGIT-PIN-NUMBER# and then press the call button.

3) How to Register New Members?It is very simple to register someone into the program. Just click here to get the instructions.

4) What are the other services?Just dial *111# and press the call button.

5) Can I transfer my credit to others?Yes you can!  Jst dial *111# and press the call button.

6) How do I access my Tone Excel Back-Office?
Go to Your username is your IC number (without the dashes). Your defult password is: 1234.

7) What if I Forgot my Login Password?The default password is 1234. If you changed it, and then forgot your password you can retrieve it again easily.Just go to Click ‘Forgot Password’ link, which is located beside the login button. Then follow the instructions on screen.

8) What should I do after I log in to my Tone Excel back office?Please check and ensure that all your information is keyed in correctly. Make sure that your name, IC number, your bank account details and your beneficiary details are correct.

9) How do I check my downlines or genealogy?Go to Log in using your username and password. Click on the link that says ‘Genealogy’. You will now be able to view your downlines in a tree format.

10) How do I Qualify for Monthly Commissions?You must top up at least RM20 (either in a single top up or accumulated for the entire calendar month), to qualify for that months’ commissions. If you did not top up at least RM20, your commissions (if there are any) will be forfeited, and your e-wallet balance will be reset to zero for that month. If you were to top up more than RM20 the following month, you will be re-qualified for commissions for that month.

11) How do I receive my commissions?Your commission will be transferred into your bank account. Please ensure that the bank account information (Bank Name, Branch and account number) that you provided is correct. You may log into your account in Tone Excel to check your bank account details. Your commission is banked into your account on or before the 21st of every month. Should this day fall on a holiday, then your commission will be banked in the following working day. A bank fee of RM3 is incurred for each transaction.
12) Can a Member ask for their commission to be banked into someone else’s account? Yes, they can.All they have to do is fill up the Third Party Authorization Letter and submit that to the company. They would also need to submit a photocopy of their IC or Passport as well.Click here to access the 3rd Party Authorization Letter.

13) How do I Qualify for the RM100,000 Etiqa Insurance? 
Your insurance starts on the 61st after you registered your SIM card. 
You can check your insurance status here: To qualify for the insurance, just make sure that you have topped up at least RM30 for that calendar month.

14) What if I have more questions?For questions pertaining to your mobile phone line, insurance and Tunetalk incentives, please call Tunetalk customer service at 03-79490000. For questions pertaining to commissions or genealogy please call Tone Excel 


  1. good evening. why my port in number take around 3 weeks but still not success to change to my old number?

  2. assalamu'laikum.. saya ada masalah besar ni... saya baru pakai tone excel ni semalam.. saya dimaklumkan untuk pakai number phone lama saya perlu terima sms dahulu pada number lama.. tp masalah skrg number saya dh rosak.. saya pengguna maxis.. masih bolehkah saya pakai number lama saya ... saya mintak jwbpn secepat mungkin .. saya terlalu risau tak dapat pakai number lama. trima kasih.

  3. Kawan saya seorang Indo dia ada passport tetapi dia tak ada bank akaun. Bolehkah dia menjadi pengguna tuneexcel ?


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